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Birth Doula

Provide physical and emotional support during labor and birth to birther and partner. May provide comfort measures, positions, education and resources to help achieve optimal birth experience.


Includes 2 prenatal visits and 

 1 postnatal visit


Resources of local professionals can be provided to help families with additional supports for services outside the doula scope of practice. Resources may include lactation consultants, physical therapists, chiropractors, new parent groups and more.

Postpartum Doula 

In-home support during postpartum period in areas of need. This may include helping with breastfeeding or bottle feeding tips, household organization, meal preparation and provide resources.


4 hour minimum; 8 hour overnight minimum

Child Development

With a wealth of knowledge of child development, specifically during 0-3, I can help families understand typical milestones. 

Anticipatory guidance helps families prepare for upcoming developmental changes. When a family is knowledgable and  prepared they can support baby with decreased anxieties.

Infant Massage

Learn to provide healthy touch and increase bonding over 3 sessions. Massage promotes bonding and attachment, improves sleep quality, stimulates physical and brain development and helps relieve gastrointestinal discomforts, pain and tension.

Add on to doula services for $150

Includes 3 in-home sessions

Evidence Based Research

Information provided to families come from evidence based research. Sources can be provided to families.

Information is continuously evolving, which is why I am dedicated to continue learning best ways to support families. 

Payments made through Venmo or Zelle. Payment plans available. HSA/FSA accepted.

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